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About Application

AutoScan HRM Software is a cutting-edge HR software tool developed by a Lattech, designed to streamline and automate various human resource processes for businesses of all sizes. With its versatile features and user-friendly interface, AutoScan HRM Software offers a complete solution for HR professionals, enabling them to efficiently manage HR databases, payroll, attendance, and employee onboarding seamlessly.

1. HR Database Management:

At the core of AutoScan HRM Software is a robust and secure HR database management system. It serves as a centralized repository to store all employee information, such as personal details, job history, performance records, training certifications, and more. This database ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and easy accessibility for HR personnel, helping them make well-informed decisions quickly.

Key Features

  • Secure access controls and data encryption to protect sensitive information.
  • Customizable data fields to accommodate specific company needs.
  • Advanced search and filtering capabilities for quick data retrieval.
  • Automated backups and disaster recovery mechanisms to prevent data loss.

2. Payroll Management:

AutoScan HRM Software's advanced payroll management module simplifies the complex process of salary computation and facilitates timely and accurate payments to employees. It is designed to handle various salary structures, deductions, and benefits, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and labor laws.

Key Features

  • Integration with attendance data to automate attendance-based salary calculations.
  • Tax calculation and deduction automation to minimize errors and ensure compliance.
  • Real-time salary slip generation for transparency and accessibility to employees.

3. Attendance Management:

The attendance management feature of AutoScan HRM Software offers an efficient way to track employee attendance, leaves, and time-off requests. It employs biometric or card-based attendance systems to provide real-time data, reducing the need for manual tracking.

Key Features

  • Integration with biometric devices or smart card readers for accurate attendance recording.
  • Configurable leave policies to suit various employee categories and seniority levels.
  • Automated leave request approval process with notifications to concerned parties.
  • Attendance analytics and reports to identify patterns and address attendance-related issues.

4. Attendance Management:

AutoScan HRM Software streamlines the onboarding process, making it seamless and paperless. From offer letter generation to digital document management, the platform ensures a smooth transition for new hires.

Key Features

  • Customizable onboarding checklists to ensure a comprehensive orientation process.
  • E-signature capability for document verification and contract signing.